Confidentiality Policy and Protection of Personal Data

This confidentiality policy and protection of personal data (”Policy”) describes the ways in which us, S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L., process the information brought to our attention, including personal data which are collected through our website when it is used by you. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. is located in Lugoj, Str 1 Mai, no.6, Jud. Timis and is registered at the Commerce Office under J35/2166/200, CUI 15750795, and is responsible for processing the personal data collected straight from you or from other sources. In this process of collecting data, our company functions as a personal data operator and we are obliged by the law to offer information about ourselves, the types of personal data we collect, the ways in which we use them, who we transfer the data to and the rights and options people have regarding the processing of their personal data. Also, for your data to be processed in a safe environment, we made all possible efforts to implement reasonable measures to protect your personal data. Through this policy we describe the measurements we take to ensure the safety of your data and how you can contact us regarding this subject, as it is part of your rights. www.cosagel.com is the official website of S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L., and it was created for delivering better information to our website users about our activities and/or services we offer, the technology we use and the equipment we have. We also want to improve better communication with our clients or our potential clients from the production fields related to our business. In general, our intention is to collect personal data information that are voluntarily offered by our site visitors and which are necessary in the process of offering information related to the services our company offers. Please read carefully this Policy to find our more information about the way we process information brought to our attention, including personal data information that is collected through our website when it is used by you. Our confidentiality policy and the protection of personal data is applicable to any visitor or user of the website belonging to S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L - www.cosagel.com S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. undertakes to comply with the EU Regulation 679/2016 regarding the protection of individuals when it comes to processing their personal data information and regarding the free movement of these types of data, by taking into consideration some appropriate technical measurements designed to help the efficient usage of the principles of data protection regulations.

You can use our website without offering any personal data information. However, in order to contact us by sending us messages/solicitations/reports or to be updated with our latest activities, you will need to offer us this type of personal data in a registration process. Therefore, we collect personal information data by using a contact form on our website, which you can find under section: ”CONTACT” / ”Send a message”   (you need to change the sections name if it don’t match!!) By not offering us any of the socilitated personal data information you might find yourself in the situation of not being able to contact us or send us messages/solicitation/reports through our website. By using the website and the contact form, the personal data you provide us are: name and surname, email address, phone number, name and headquarters of your company. Also, it is possible to collect technical information about our website users through the automatic means, like: - cookies or other similar technologies (web beacons, web server logs, etc.); we can collect information like: IP address, operation system, internet navigator, the adds your click, location, the pages your access from our website. These are statistical data that help us see actions and patterns of online navigation from our users and they do not identify a certain person. Cookies and other similar technologies help us to improve our website and to offer a better and/or more personalized content. For more information about the cookies usage on the website, please read our Cookies Policy Administration, available on our website.
Processing the personal data information is done by our company with the following purposes: • Informing our users and the relationship with our clients: the support we offer to our clients regarding various messages and solicitations made through our website’s contact section. • Offering responses to online solicitations and reports • Ensuring we have all the steps towards signing a new contract between our company and various clients (i.e. service provision contracts) • Collecting information from users regarding their degree of satisfaction about the products offered by our company • The administration of the website, the improvement of the website experience, various reports and analysis made about the functionality of the website or users’ preferences. • To diagnose and fix technical problems that can appear during our website functionality. • To protect against fraud or other illegal activities to solve any petitions/complaints/solicitations coming from numerous people, alongside claiming any rights in court, resolutions of any disputes or investigations our company might be part of. • GROUNDS FOR PROCESSING The legal basis for processing personal data information for the above-mentioned purposes is: • Processing your personal data information is necessary for creating a contract in which you, as a concerned person/ data subject / legal representative of a client, are part of , or in order to take steps before sealing a contract, according to art.6, line 1, letter b) from the EU Regulation 679/2016 (regarding sending a message/ solicitation in connection to the services provided through our website, by making the required steps towards signing a contract, communicating information regarding your solicitations, signing and performing the contracts in which our company if part of). • Processing the data is necessary to fulfill a legal operation according to the provisions of art.6, paragraph 1, letter c) from the EU Regulation 679/2016 (performing financial activities, audit, archive, fulfilling contractual obligations, internal policies, business management and activity development). • Processing is necessary for the legitimate purpose of constantly improving your website experience, for safety reasons (to keep this website secured against fraud and other illegal activities) and protecting the rights and interests of S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. and their third-party collaborators, according to the provisions of article 6, paragraph 1, letter f) from the EU Regulation no. 679/2016. Offering this type of data in not mandatory and refusing to offer them will not have negative consequences upon you.
S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. processes personal data information only during the period needed to fulfill the purposes for processing mentioned above. Later on, the company processes the data to fulfill the legal requirements and to protect the legal rights and interests of our company. Immediately after the end of the applicable storage period, the data will be erased or destroyed. The collected information through cookies is stored for a period of 12 to 36 months, with the purpose of calculating analysis and reports about the website’s performance. The data will be deleted after this period. • TRANSFERRING AND REVEALING PERSONAL DATA INFORMATION To fulfill the processing purposes, S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. can reveal your personal data information to partners, to third-party people or entities that can support our company’s activity through our website, like IT companies (maintenance, software development), accounting services companies, archive companies, legal services companies, other companies/services providers for raw materials, products or useful materials for our production process or if the data is requested by fiscal organizations or other competent control state authorities, according to the legal provisions based on special written requests. Personal data information will not be transferred to states outside the European Union.
• The right to request access to your personal data information: the right to request with no charge from S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L., the confirmation of the fact that your personal data information are or are not processed by S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L and the right to be informed regarding that particular process of your data. • The right to change your personal data information: the right to obtain from S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L the change/ update your personal data information considered incomplete/incorrect. • The right to delete your personal data information: the right to obtain from S.C.COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. the removal of your personal information data; however, in this case you will not be able to benefit from the option of receiving information through your electronic mail. This right may not be exercised in the case in which S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. has the legal obligation to keep and process some personal data information, i.e. in the case of a request to access services offered by the company. Data can be deleted in the following situations: • They are not needed to fulfill the purposes for which they were initially collected and processed; • In the case in which the consent is withdrawn and there is no other legal basis for processing; • In the case in which you oppose processing the data and there is no legal basis which outweigh the grounds for refusal; • In the case of illegal processing of the personal data information; • In the case in which the personal data information needs to be deleted in order to maintain a legal obligation; • personal data information has been collected with no connection to offering any type of services provided by the information company according to the European Union rights or national rights under which the operator functions. • The right to restrict processing: the right to obtain restriction of processing personal data information from S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. can be obtained in the following cases: • the accuracy of personal data information is contested by you; • the personal data information processing is illegal, therefore you can resist the process of deleting the information and request, in exchange, the restriction to process your data; • S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. doesn’t need your personal data information, but your request them to determine some legal claims. You have the right to object at any given moment, free of charge and with no justification about your personal data information used with commercial purposes, marketing scenarios, publicity or to be offered to third-party partners to be used in these purposes. • The right to data portability refers to your right of receiving your personal data information in a structured manner, in an easy to read format, together with the right for S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. to send the information to a different operator, as long as all legal requirements are fulfilled; • The right to object represents the right to oppose the processing of personal data information, at any time and regardless of the reasons, with the exception in which S.C.COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. has compelling legitimate rights that justify the processing of personal data and which take precedence over the interests, rights and freedom of the involved subject or when the purpose for processing is used for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims; • The right not to be subjected to an automatic individual decision represents the right to not be the subject of a decision that was taken exclusively based on some automatic data processing, including creating profiles that can produce legal effects or can affect you to a significant extent; • The right to withdrawal the consent at any time with the purpose of stopping the personal data processing that is based on your consent. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. • The right to file a complaint with the competent court and authorities when you consider that your personal data information is being processed in an illegal manner by S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. The rights mentioned above are expressly provided for by the EU Regulation 649/2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the personal data information processing and the free movement of these data. • HOW DO WE PROTECT THE PERSONAL DATA INFORMATION S.C. COSAGEL ROM S.R.L. implements measures for administrative, technical, organizational and physical safety, in order to protect your personal information data against accidental destruction, illegal or unauthorized acces, data loss, access and usage in any other purposes. • UPDATING OUR POLICY The content of this Policy can be periodically updated but republishing the revised version on the web page you are just visiting. In the case of major changes we will inform your through briefing notes easy to be seen and posted on our website, making sure to provide at the beginning of the document the date of the most recent update. The updated version shall come into force from the moment it is published on the website. The responsibility to check the content of this page in order to be updated with the latest version of this document belongs completely to you. • HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US If you have questions and comments about this present confidentiality policy regarding the personal data processing, if you wish to exercise your rights or if you wish to update your personal information data that we have about your, please send us an email on our official email address: office@cosagel.com