The cookie administration policy of the website

For the optimal usage of this website we use a technology that involves “cookies”. This technology allows you to store some data on your device in the moment a website is being accessed through an internet connection. This type of cookie information can be considered a “flag” situated on your device, which is recognized and used by the website to optimize the display and functionality in a personalized manner. It is very important to know that a cookie is a type of digital data completely passive and it doesn’t run a specific program on your device (it is not a virus or any other type of bad-intended software and it cannot access the information you store on your computer).

The webpage we own will process cookies with your consent. If you wish to change your cookie choices please make the needed changes in your browser. However, in this case, we need to inform your that some characteristics of the webpage will not function accordingly.

This type of file described above recognizes the user’s terminal on the website and it works with the purpose of helping the website information to be shown in a more relevant manner, especially adapted to the user’s preferences. Cookies are useful in offering a comfortable service to the client and a very pleasant experience navigating online.

This cookie policy is created according to the EU Regulation 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal data. For more information about your rights, please access the confidentiality policy: www.cosagel.com/en/privacy

We offer some relevant examples in using the cookie policy:
­ Showing relevant services and content for the user
­ Collecting anonymous information (for example: how many users visited the website and what are the interest pages); these will offer reports meant to improve our web page.
­ They are very useful in remembering your preferences on the website (for example: the language your prefer using or any other unique personalized options).
­ They can control the resources used for the speed of loading the webpage
­ Remembering the login data on a specific webpage is also done by the cookie policy

Cookie type data can be divided into more categories, as it follows:
- Based on their life span: session cookies or fixed cookies
- Based on the purpose of usage: essential cookie or strictly necessary, performance cookies, functionality cookie, targeting cookie.

On this website there are used more categories from the ones mentioned above. For a better understanding of how these types of data work please read the following explanations:
- Session cookies are those types of digital data that are active only as long as you visit the website
- Persistent cookies are the digital data that are remembered on device until you manually erase them from your browser’s settings
- Essential cookies are the type of data that guarantee the functionality of the website
- Performance cookies are the type of digital data that offers information and statistics about the website’s performance; for example: the number of daily visits, traffic sources etc.
- Functionality cookies are the type of digital data that memorizes the user’s settings regarding a certain website (for example: the chosen language for displaying the website’s content or the font’s size); they have to purpose to offer as personalized experiences as possible.
- Targeting cookies are the type of digital data that are used for offering personalized publicity or they are used to help create connections with social media platforms. It is good to know that in case of deactivating or refusing this type of cookie, you don’t block the publicity at the website’s level; you only block the publicity related to your account and your own interests.

For a better understanding of the cookie types, you can read the cookie chart offered by this website

How to disable cookies by configuring some browsers Each browser has specific indications for configuring cookies. Here are some references:

CHROME Complete Guide
SAFARI 6/7 Complete Guide
OPERAComplete Guide

Form or Contact Form
The user, upon acceptance of the Privacy, agrees to the sending and use of the data entered in the contact form in order to respond exclusively to requests for quotes and information. Personal data collected: Name, Surname, Company name, Email, Telephone, Request, Acceptance of privacy (mandatory). Data not kept.

Google Analytics (Google)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of this Application, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google. Google could use Personal Data to contextualize and personalize the advertisements of its advertising network. Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data. Place of treatment: Privacy Policy Opt Out

All types of cookies presented above can be followed by the so called “third-party cookies” or cookies that belong to third-party companies.
The personal data used with cookies is encrypted with the purpose of blocking unauthorized access. However, we need to say that personal data like name or bank accounts details are not used within the cookie policy.
In case you have any questions regarding the protection of your personal data, cookie policy or any other information related to our website, please contact us! www.cosagel.com/en/contact